Kouzina Restaurant, Perivolos Santorini

Traditional food from all over Greece.

Greek cuisine is well renowned for its variety, taste and nutritional value, as it is considered to be one of the healthiest and nutritious cuisines around the world. Based on simple ingredients like olive oil, grains, dairy, vegetables combined with fish or meat, usually seasoned with a variety of herbs, Greek cuisine brings to life simple, everyday ingredients and transforms them into fulfilling, healthy dishes than everyone can enjoy, again and again.

Kouzina Restaurant brings you these recipes, from all over Greece.
Recipes that Greeks enjoy traditionally on their dinner tables, recipes cooked like our grandmothers and mothers did, consistently for many generations.

And you don’t have to travel around Greece to taste it.

This traditional way of cooking, can be now enjoyed by the sea, on the magical beach of Perivolos, Santorini, in our beautiful seaside restaurant.